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About DesiCorner

Since 2003, Desi Corner has been proudly serving members of the South Asian community across the GTA with high quality dishes made from fresh ingredients every day. From humble beginnings, we started out as an immigrant family from Pakistan looking to bring our passion for authentic Pakistani cuisine all the way to Mississauga. Our goal is to give each and every customer a great experience which allows them to taste the delicious flavors and spices that we’re used to from back home.


The chicken biryani is one of our most famous dishes, and for good reason. Ask any of our loyal customers and you’ll be sure to hear nothing but praise for this specialty dish, cooked fresh every day and seasoned to perfection. Desi Corner is also a popular destination for those seeking out a fast and easy, yet delicious kebab roll, and we are proud to proclaim them as the best kebab rolls in the city. Come by and see for yourself!


We pride ourselves on first class customer service and our ability to fill any of our customer’s food related needs. Whether you need catering for large events, a family meal, or just a quick and easy takeout option, Desi Corner will be there to ensure you and your friends/family are satisfied with an authentic and delicious experience.


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